Thank you all for the many positive comments and encouragement. I have decided to produce my first EP. To accomplish this goal, I will need your help to support and fund the project. When you donate $10 or more towards it, I will send you a password to a VIP page so you can follow my progress in this endeavor. You will also receive a signed copy of the CD upon it's completion and other surprises. I have a producer, engineer and musicians all ready to go! Some of the tunes will be songs I wrote. Thanks for your kind support and interest throughout the years.

* Update 07/13/2014: I have just realized that if you are from outside of USA, please consider an additional shipping postage; international shipment of a CD package is around $9!

Calling: Charles White, your email address from Paypal has bounced. Please contact me with your valid email so I can provide you with the VIP page password. Thank you for your donation!



What's happening!

During my stay on the East Coast before the Wind Gap Festival, I sat in the Homegrown Radio NJ studio for an interview for Homegrown Sunday Rambler show on June 1.

Pictures along the way ...


Upcoming Events

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Monday August 11, 2014
Dead on the Creek Festival
Uncle John's camp in Willits, CA
The Tuttles with AJ Lee
Website: Dead on the Creek Festival

You can go to my YouTube channel to see more of me and my good friends performances.

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