Here's a couple of music videos off of my EP/CD - A Song for Noah.

AJ Lee: A Song for Noah: CD
  • AJ Lee: A Song for Noah: CD AJ Lee: A Song for Noah: CD

AJ Lee: A Song for Noah: CD

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  1. Sugar Moon (B. Wills / C. Walker)
  2. Not Gonna Cry Over You (AJ Lee / J. Abrams)
  3. Ripple (J. Garcia / R. Hunter)
  4. Mustard Seed (AJ Lee / J. Abrams / A. Lacques)
  5. Old White Horse (AJ Lee)
  6. A Song for Noah (AJ Lee)

Guest musicians: Robbie and Tommy Mizzone of the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, Dave Zirbel, Marc Doten, Anthony Lacques, John Paul Riger, Betsy Riger-Lee, and Jon Abrams.

"A Song for Noah" CD Sampler

AJ Lee on KTVU Fox 2 "Bay Area People"

Below are some of my songs done at The Strawberry Music Festival during the Labor Day weekend 2015.

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Sunday, Apr. 3rd @ 3pm
MUMfest 2016 - Modesto Unplugged Music Festival
AJ Lee and Friends
@ Center Stage Conservatory, 948 11th St., Modesto, CA
Pleasure to have Jason & Ida Winfree opening the show. (see Schedule Page for more info.)

Friday April 15, 2016
Rotary Club - Private

Thurs. & Friday, May 5&6
Parkfield Bluegrass Festival
AJ Lee and the Valley Ramblers



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Cass, Betsy, and AJ

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